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This page will give links to different collections of resources, as well as any documents that are published directly by ISTS.

Maritime Information Technology Standards - MITS

We have been collecting information about maritime ITS standards for several years and this is available at the MITS Forum web pages. This has not been updated much since 2015 so some of the information is a bit outdated, but it still contains many historical references that can be of interest.

We plan to update and/or update the information over the coming years, so stay tuned.

Documents from ISTS

None at the moment - check back later!

General resource collections

IMO The IMO-Norway GreenVoyage2050 Project is supporting shipping's transition towards a low carbon future. It also publishes resources on digitalization and greening.
IMO Some IMO Circulars from FAL Committee related to Maritime ITS. Mostly on single window and related.
IMO Information about the IMO Compendium and the IMO Reference Data Model which is an important focus point for current developments in maritime digitalization today.
ITPC The International Task Force on Port Call Optimization has provided several definitions for the port call process which will go into the ISO 28005-3 work on just in time arrival.
WPSP The World Ports Sustainability Program has published a call for action to Accelerating Digitalisation of Maritime Trade and Logistics. The document is available as PDF through the link.
C40 Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore, Port of Los Angeles, Port of Long Beach and C40 Cities to establish a Green and Digital Shipping Corridor.

API specifications

IEC IEC has published IEC 63173-2 (SECOM) as a possible e-navigation API.
DCSA The Digital Container Shipping Alliance develops APIs used in the container shipping industry.
Singapore Digital Oceans is an initiative launched by Singapore to define APIs for port calls.
TIC 4.0 TIC 4.0 provides some digital specifications for the terminal industry.

Digital signature information

IMO FAL.5-Circ.46 - Guidelines On Authentication, Integrity And Confidentiality Of Information Exchanges
CySiMs CySiMS report: D2.2 Using digital signatures in the maritime domain
CySiMs CySiMS report: D2.1 Digital signatures for nautical use
CySiMs CySiMS report: D2.1-SE Expanded risk and CBA methodology
IHO IHO has published specifications for digital signatures in the S-100 documentation, part 15.
Navelink Navelink has defined their own PKI-system for own users.

FAL.5-Circ.46 - Guidelines On Authentication, Integrity And Confidentiality OfInformation Exchanges Via Ma... (Secretariat)-1

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