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This page contains links to events that are to be arranged or that have been held by members of ISTS. Click on the flag to get to the web site, if any. A program file may also be available via links in the text.

There is also a list of events more related to automation and autonomy on the INAS event page. However, many of these are also very interesting from a digitalization point of view.

The dates in the second column is the start of the event. If there are two dates, the top-most is deadline for submission of abstracts.

Upcoming ISTS events

Finland 23-04-19 Maritime ITS meeting in Helsinki over two days. Program will be forthcoming.
Portugal 23-05-22 Ertico ITS European Congress, Lisbon, Portugal, May 22-24 2023.

Other upcoming events

IMO 23-03-17 The IMO Facilitation Committee has its 47th meeting in March 13-17 2023.
Singapore 23-04-24 Singapore Maritime Week: No decision yet, but this may be an opportunity to present Maritime ITS developments in Norway and Singapore.
Ireland 23-04-17 24-04-15 Transport Research Arena, TRA 2024 in Dublin Ireland, April 15-18, 2024.

Past events with presentations

Belgium 23-02-16 Presentation of ISTS project (pdf) to Joint EU Smart Shipping & Logistics Platform
IMO 23-02-01 Presentation of Maritime ITS (pdf) at UN,IHO and OGC meeting in Genoa, Italy, 30. January to 3. February 2023.
IMO 23-01-18 Maritime Single Window in 2024 - A window of opportunities: Arranged by IMO,IAPH and BIMCO to prepare for the introduction of the electronic MSW in January 2024.
Singapore 22-11-01 Singapore Norway Maritime Digital and Cyber Forum 2022, "Increased maritime automation creates new and critical cyber risks" (Presentation as PDF file).
Korea 22-10-26 World Ocean Forum, Busan, South Korea, October 26th 2022, "Maritime Digital Transformation through International Cooperation in IMO FAL" (Presentation as PDF file)
Norway 22-10-03 A workshop on "The Future of the Maritime Digital Landscape, How to get MSW implemented before Jan 1st 2024?".
USA 22-09-21 ITS World in Los Angeles, workshop on maritime digitalization and standardization.
Germany 22-09-07 SMM in Hamburg, joint AEGIS/MOSES/AUTOSHIP seminar on "Reduced Transportation Cost and Lower Environmental Impact by Leveraging Benefits of Port and Ship Automation".
UK 22-09-01 Presentation on "Some developments in Maritime Digitalization", held for IEC TC80/WG6 in London September 1st 2022, No web page, but a presentation in PDF can be found on this link.
Norway 22-03-08 Workshop on Harmonized Ship-Shore Exchange of Administrative and Operational Data. Oslo, March 2022 with several presentations of different systems for automatic exchange of information between port and ship.

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